Our coffee

Costa rican coffee:

Our coffee Region

Our farm sits in the high lands of the central pacific mountains in Costa Rica. We belong to the Guanacaste coffee production Region. 

Due to very fertile volcanic soils and our climate, our high lands´s coffee features a juicy citric acidity, balanced body and chocolate-like taste.

Arabica coffee Varietals

Historically, in the country there were very few, but really good arabica coffee varietals such as Caturra, Catuaí, Villasarchí, and others. After the Roya desease crisis around the year 2000, coffee farmers had to start thinking about planting new varietals.

Thanks to the Costa Rican Coffee Institute and the https://www.catie.ac.cr/ who had already been doing important research and development in this matters.

We have now planted Obatá an CR95 arabica coffee varietals, which are genetically more resistant to diseases and feature high production and excellent taste coffee.

Our sustainable practices

As a strong commitment to protecting our mother earth, we have adopted some sustainable practices in our coffee  farm:

  • No herbicides. Instead, we cut down the weeds manually and thus become organic nutrients for the soil.
  • No pesticides. In order to control pests, we use living organisms such as trichoderma, beauveria bassiana and metarhizium.
  • Shade grown coffee. By planting trees in between the coffee plants, we get to harvest different types of fruit at the same time that the coffee plants get protected from direct sunlight and get the nutrients from fallen leaves.